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About Us

Big Toys Wholesales Sdn Bhd opens its first branch in Bercham, Ipoh on May 2012. We cater for wholesales and retail, offering a broad selection of toys for babies to grown-ups, who still enjoy playing toys as a way of relaxing. In Big Toys, we have impressive assortment of toys, learning aids, games and electronic vehicles for children. We opened our second branch in Sitiawan, Perak in August 2012 and our third branch in Seri Botani, Ipoh in October 2012. Customers continuous support has made us in opening more and more branches (please refer to our location map for your nearest branches).

Many parents would think buying toys is a waste of money especially when their child misplace their toys, did not play or use it wisely but nowadays there are many forms of toys designed in educational purposes whereby children can learn and play at the same time. This encourages parents to spend more quality and fun time with their child. In Big Toys, we see the needs in educating child in a different prospect. We sell satisfaction quality toys and learning aids with affordable prices.

As for small business owners, we provide special wholesale price when you buy with us. You are also automatically entitled to be our value member with no extra charges in order for us to update you on our latest products and promotions in future.

We aim to become the most favorable destinations for kids and grown-ups whenever they think of toys. THINK OF TOYS, THINK OF BIG TOYS.